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HD Optical Phone Lens

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Ezigadget supplies high-quality Professional 18x25 Monocular Zoom HD Optical Phone Camera Lens 18X Telephoto Lens with Tripod For iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Smartphones. The focal length adjustable quality gives it a new dimension. You will get an extraordinary experience using this product. To capture any view and make it memorable our HD Optical Phone Lens has no alternative.
It is a universal Phone gadget which fits all most every kind of phone including flip phones and bar phones. To short, the phone has a back camera, you can connect this telescope through the clip. Our lens is the best in the industry to watch a live game, party, concert, animals in the forest, new report, or as private detective gadget.

Why should you use our product? 

  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Cost effective
  • 18 times zoom
  • can be used as Monocular
  • Smart looking.


Type: Phone Telescope (flexible) * Material: Optical lens, ABS * Actual Magnification: 18X Camera / Cell Phone Holder: * This unique adapter/holder adds a screw hole to the mobile phone. * It allows you to attach your phone to a monopod or tripod for a better quality picture. * It supports mobile phone with width from 2.17"(5.5cm) ~ 3.35"(8.5cm) Flexible Tripod: 1. Complete flexibility, made of hard plastic and aluminum 2. The link attachment screws into most digital camera sizes and is removable 3. 1/4 standard thread interface 4. Removable link attachment with lock release button
Package includes:
1 x 18X Mobile Telephoto Lens, 1 x Clip, 1 x tripod, 1 x Black pouch, 1 x Retail box