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Wireless Alarm Sensor Smoke Detector

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Buy Wireless Alarm Sensor Smoke Detector Online

Ezigadget supplies high performance and top sensed Wireless Alarm Sensor Smoke Detector to our trusted and honorable customers. We have eagle eyes for the betterment of our buyers. To save our customers from fire and protect them before occurring unexpected fires, we provide wireless sensor-based alarming smoke detectors. You can hear an alarm when smoke creates in your room/house/office/lodge/hotels.

It is an important part of your family's home safety plan. It can be trusted to provide the highest quality safety protection. You are able to receive the signal of danger in advance when your home security is at stake. This smoke detector works independently and super easy to use.

Why should you buy our Wireless Alarm Sensor Smoke Detector? 

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • High performance
  •  high sensor
  • Wireless

Product Details:

Model Number: LD-04
Type: Smoke Detector
Color: White
Consumption: <10uA@standby
RF modulation: ASK
Function: Smoke Detector
Working status: Work alone
Feature 1: Smoke Alarm
RF output power: 10dBm
Feature 2: Batteries not included
Smoke Alarm /Test: Red LED Blink/Beep rapidly
Feature 3: Low battery reminder